Gene Milligan

My floral life started right out of high school in 1976. But the persons who inspired me to love flowers were my grandfather, father, and my Aunt Jessie, who had a love of irises and had Gene Milligansome that were named after her. They taught me about the good in growing your own vegetables and flowers. My father’s idea was that any tree in the garden had to produce something. It drove my mother nuts!

As far as my profession goes, I had a lot of people who are mentors and influences ????. I think also I draw from fashion interiors and gardens. When I lived in Los Angeles for 20 years,it was more about gardens the last 8 years. The first years were more about movies, TV shows and large events, weddings, and fashion shows. I came back to OKC to bring what I learned there. to OKC. My biggest passion is weddings because flowers have many meanings such as passion, condolences, happiness, celebrations, etc. I love all of these.